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The Book


A storyteller at heart, author Bonnie Louise Smith-Davis enjoys sharing life lessons with others. Of all the lessons Smith-Davis has learned throughout her life, the one she is most passionate about sharing with others is the benefit of spending time with animals and nature. A life-long animal lover and pet owner, Smith-Davis, accompanied by her dog, Rascal, is devoted to spreading the love of animals by visiting senior community members through a local animal assisted therapy program called P.E.T. P.A.L.S. in partnership with the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Cedar Bend, Iowa. Through her new book, Tales of Our Boys and Other Critters, Smith-Davis seeks to gain recognition for animal rescue centers and highlight their critical mission and the important services they provide to the community.


In Tales of Our Boys and Other Critters, a group of newly adopted domestic animals and their wild neighborhood counterparts provide non-stop amusement and happiness to their owner. Smith-Davis showcases her own furry family members and neighborhood critters in the hopes of spurring future adoptions. “Pets provide immense joy and are always ready to lend a paw, lick or cuddle,” Smith-Davis says. “When you welcome a creature into your life, you take it into your heart.” Tales of Our Boys and Other Critters is available for purchase online at

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